Major announcement

So I’m moving… yup.  Off to Ontario Canada in a few weeks.  Probably before September.  Toronto bound!  Kinda excited, but kinda bummed at the same time. 

I have to change my name.  I can’t very well be the BCFurryCub in Ontario now can I?  Gotta say, OntFurryCub does not have as nice a ring to it.

So I need suggestions about a possible name change. Winning submission gets a hand-job.  

That seems to be my new thing.  Better warm up my wrists. 

Need help again

I’m gonna put this out again.  I’m looking for a decent downloader for Tumblr.  I’m trying to get some of the images I use on my blog, but the App i use is not great.  It can only read a little over 1,300 images, and I can only manage to download 1,000.  It’s not quite what I wanted.  

So does anyone know of any downloader apps for a Mac that I can use to nab close to 8,000 images without having to apply too much brain power?

Anyone with a helpful answer gets a hand-job.